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Thank you Josephine for the high-quality metaphysical courses you taught for Hofstra's University College for Continuing Education this semester. Employing a psychic to teach a course was unusual for Hofstra and did raise concerns for some faculty members. However, the depth of knowledge and professionalism that you brought to your classes was typical of other college level classes.
The students in your courses spoke so highly of your presentations and the way you led discussions. Our students were very impressed by the way you integrated complex material and helped them understand their own experiences in relation to the subject matter.
I look forward to having you back on campus next semester. Your specialty area is important to understanding the depth of human experiences and a great asset to our continuing education program.


Marion Flomenhaft
Director of Arts, Culture and Leisure, Director of Arts, Culture and Leisure

"A major event occurred in my life and I was at a crossroads. I was desperate
for help --I needed direction. I sought answers and the truth and those close to me seemed not willing to provide it. I went to see Josephine. I am blessed to have several, very gifted spiritual persons in my personal and professional life, but I needed someone completely unfamiliar with the cast of characters involved in my "saga" and someone who knew nothing of me. Josephine and I had never met before and she knew nothing of my personal life prior to our meeting. She did not disappoint! During my reading with her, she came up with names and events which either were, or came true since my reading. She provided me with insights to help better understand the why's of my situation, which lead to clearer thoughts. This provided me the ability to choose the proper direction I so desperately needed, with strength and the courage to do so.
Josephine is "the real deal," and I am grateful to her. She is a true "light-giver!" I recommend her highly and several others I sent to her, also found her to be astounding as well!"
Malibu Sue, Morning Radio Host, 6a-10a WLIR-FM (92.7, 98.5)

One day I was speaking with my friend and co-worker, Malibu Sue with the New 92.7/107.1 WLIR, about psychic/medium Josephine. Sue informed me that Josephine was going to be a guest on her show and how absolutely wonderful she is.
I am a huge fan of the metaphysical world. As you can imagine, I was very excited to meet spiritual mentor Josephine to see what new information I could learn.
This one particular Friday, I came into the WLIR studio and proceeded to listen to the calls come in, one after another. In her gentle and graceful manner, Josephine would get a name and birth date from the caller with answers to their burning questions. One other time I listened to Josephine explain to callers the colors that surround their auras and the significance of these colors in their life.
I had the opportunity to get a personal reading of my very own from Madame Josephine. I was amazed with her accuracy. The one thing about readings is that we don’t always hear what we want to hear and sometimes more important messages come through. Josephine has helped me to once again realize that everything happens in its divine time.
Renee Stakey, Recording Artist, On’Air Personality

When I was seeking guidance over 11 years ago I met Josephine. Josephine became my first metaphysical teacher. I have attended her ESP development classes, and have received readings as well. Not only is she a wonderful teacher and reader, over the years she has become a good friend as well."
Lori Sarich, L'OR Intuitives, Commack, NY

"I have had the professional and personal experience of working with Josephine Ghiringhelli for almost four years in December. I have been privileged to see in her the future of spiritual therepy in our new age. Josephine is a gifted psychic medium and uses her medium ship to facilitate grief healing and foster hope for numerous amounts of people. This is only one of her gifts and tools for helping the spiritual evolution of souls. She is also a gifted psychotherapist who uses spiritual sources to help people with life issues in the real world. She is an enlightened teacher filled with experimental wisdom and practical common sense. Josephine is also a truly compassionate helper in every way and a motivational speaker, who I’ve been privileged to employ in my professional institute,
In her teaching capacity, she is riveting as a presenter of metaphysical information and has the human touch in making spiritual topics understandable and practical to other professionals. Josephine was instrumental in helping me set up a spiritually based mental health curriculum at The Dellacave Institute that has been successful in giving educators and counselors, better crisis and hope giving skills to help our kids.
In summary, it is easy for me to see the new face of spiritual and psychological healing and it is in the essence of people like Josephine Ghiringhelli."
Dan Costello, CSW, CASAC, Dellacave Institute (owner)

"The dead live and a few special people are given the opportunity to communicate with them. Josephine Ghiringhelli possesses that special sight and during the several years I have known her, with every new experience, her vision sharpens. Synchronicity is one of her favorite terms and one that I have witnessed often. What seems like circumstance, coincidence and fate are all woven into her readings and life, for Josephine does more than offer up words and catch phrases. She touches people souls and reconnects them with loved ones lost. People flow into her life, are changed by the experience and grow for the better, with new insights into where they have been, where they are now and where they will be going in the future.
Several times I have invited Ms. Ghiringhelli to visit the high school where I teach. She has lectured my students and brought new awareness into their lives. I have seen the effects she has on young people. She brings faith to those in need and comfort she offers to all. In a room filled with trangers, she has connected, time and time again. She has reached into some other place that most of us have only hoped existed and brought back details, messages and hope.
To a young girl, mourning the lose of a cousin who died in despair at his own hand, Josephine brought reassurance that he is now fine, at peace with what he left behind. To a boy wondering about where he is going, long lost grandparents gave him a sign that he was on the right road, following the correct path. To a group of five young women, who had their friend taken away in a senseless car accident, Josephine gave them closure. Their friend was at peace.
Josephine has entered my life and in turn, I have introduced her to those around me. In private sessions and group settings, her words and insights have help me guide my life towards a brighter tomorrow and aided my friends in their journeys through their lives. Again and again, her words help others see, understand and go on.
Josephine Ghiringhelli has a gift, one that she shares to all who enter her world. Be confident that if you choose to meet her, your view of the past, present and future will be changed, for the better."
Ben Amato, Newfield High School English Teacher

"Teaching psychology for 25 years has given me a keen insight into individual and group dynamics. In the last few years, I was extremely fortunate to have one of the greatest guest speakers ever to come to our high school, Josephine Ghiringhelli. She overnight, because of her presence, doubled the enrollment of students who wanted to take the psychology class. Why were the kids so excited and what was the reason Josephine became a good friend of mine? Once you are in her company, a warm feeling of relaxation, feelings of confidence, and sense of completeness fills the air... The students were overwhelmed by her insight into their families, their personal problems and contacts with deceased family members. She always conveyed needed and welcome information. She amazed the class in how spontaneously she could tap into spirit. She tapped into their lives and gave them details no one else would know.
Josephine is one of the most wholesome people you could ever meet. She has the well-being of every person at heart. She can solve problems that seem to have no answer and can dazzle a group with her psychic energy. Many of my students have kept up a personal relationship with her after graduating from school. Without any hesitation, call Josephine, go to see her. It is truly an opportunity to improve the quality of your life!"
Edwin Horsley, High School Teacher

"I met Josephine over 8 years ago when she enrolled her children in our prevention services. Josephine is a wonderful person, so full of life and personality, however I was a little leery of getting too close to her since I knew she was a "psychic". I grew up in a religious home and was taught that this type of work was not "God's Work". Going against my upbringing was very difficult for me. October 29th, 200l I lost my 22 year old nephew to suicide. I began searching for answers, healing for my family's pain, and assurance that my nephew was finally at peace. I knew it was now time to talk to Josephine. I went to see her at her "SPIRIT OF THE HEART" group bereavement seminar. There were over l00 people in the room and in a way I felt I needed to hear from my nephew to prove to everyone that communication from the other side is really true. Close to the end of the night she came over to my direction not knowing anything about my nephew and his passing. The messages that she gave to me were so accurate that my doubt and reluctancy were put to rest. The whole environment was so wonderful and relaxing. As I sobbed, I felt at peace. My eyes have opened up to a whole new world. I truly believe that Josephine has a gift from "God". She uses the gift to help people here on this earth to heal from their loss, and gives them a sense of hope. She is a true angel on this earth. I am blessed to have had this experience which has truly opened my eyes to a bigger, brighter world."
Carol S. Carter, Co-founder/Executive Director

"I met Josephine 8 years ago, when she enrolled her son at the Sunshine Summer Camp Program. We instantly hit it off. She had such a great energy. When I learned that Josephine was a psychic I immediately went to see her for a reading. At that time, she knew nothing of my life except where I worked. There were very personal and private situations I never shared with anyone. At my sitting with her, she tapped right in like she had known me my whole life. She was so accurate, it amazed me!
Just last year (2002), my brother-in-law past away. His death came sudden, so it was a shock to the entire family. My family was hurting so bad, I knew if I took them to see Josephine she would get through to him. I knew that the whole experience would bring healing to the family. My faith in Josephine was so strong that I had no doubt that he would come through. I took my whole family to have a session with her. At first, they were very skeptical. As Josephine began to tap into my brother-in-laws' energy she began to touch upon areas of his life that I wasn't even aware of. The session was beyond incredible. My family left there feeling a sense of peace. There were many needed questions to be answered, they were..... For sure, I along with my family, felt healed and reassured that my brother-in-law was at peace. Josephine has the ability to let us know that even though our loves ones are gone in the physical body, they are always here with us spiritually. Knowing that makes the pain more bearable.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Josephine for being such an inspiration in my life and for being such a good friend."
Tami Pelosi, Cofounder/Director

"I met Josephine over 6 years ago to "Check Her Out" as a referral for my clients asking for a "good psychic". From the moment we met we connected. Our lunch ran over by about 2 hours. Because Josephine said she wanted to be my friend and not my psychic she did not read me. However she did read members of my family and since then I have referred many clients to her. Often when a client comes back to session they say, "Did you tell her anything about me"? I always reply "no of course not I would never break a client's confidentiality". They go on to tell me about all the amazing things Josephine revealed to them. I am a counselor and a radio host. I also sit on a number of boards. One board asked me to bring in a psychic to their luncheon. We held it at the Woodbury Country club and everyone was fascinated by Josephine' abilities. Josephine has also been a quest on my radio show "Spotlight on the Issues" which airs every Wednesdy night at 7:30 on WGBB.
In a group reading I attended recently with Josephine, my own father came through. I knew it was him by the specific examples Josephine was giving. She told me my father had shot someone, I said no way. Later that evening I told my mother what had come up. She remembered that when my father was a boy he accidentally shot another little boy in the leg with a shot gun (they were from out west). I continue to be in awe of Josephine's talent and gift."
Julie Hernandez, Executive Director Perspectives Counseling

"I have known Josephine for many years and she still amazes me with her insightfulness and her unique qualities as a Spiritual Medium. Not only is Josephine down to earth and gifted, but she is also a wonderful person and will be there at a moments notice. She is known to many people as a "Gift from Heaven Above". Her amazing knowing and contact from the Spirit World shows me that the Angels work with Josephine in a very unique way. She is always there to help the person that wants to contact their Loved Ones. When Josephine was featured as a guest on my TV show "Beyond The Unexplained", the phones began ringing before the show even began. She is so on target in her readings that she is definitely a Gift from God. We need more people like you in this world. You help so many people. More than you will ever know. You are a sincere, kind person and gifted as well. I also admire your charitable work as well. Its so important to give back as you also do. Many Blessings and Keep Up the Good Work."
Janet Russell, Host and TV Producer of Beyond the Unexplained

You probably don't remember me, but I've had two readings with you over three past two years. I was the girl who was so frightened after being diagnosed with MS. After my reading with you, I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders! I got in my car and turned the radio up very loud, feeling so relieved at - what you told me - that it was benign, which is what my doctor said. Thank you so much for your gift, for allowing the holy Spirit and St.Theresa (I showed you her flower petal) work through you. There were still days afterwards when I felt frightened --- I put your tape on and was consoled again and again!! I hope you realize the incredible gift God has bestowed on you. I feel very fortunate to be able to reap the rewards of your very special gift. I pray for you to be able to help others in the same way you helped me. God loves you very much and so do I.
Meg C.

Thank you for the high-quality metaphysical courses you taught (and still are teaching) for Hofstra's University College for Continuing Education these last semesters. The depth of knowledge and professionalism that you brought was typical of other college level classes. Your specialty area is important in the understanding of human experiences and a great asset to our program. Sincerely,
Marian Flomenhaft, Director of Arts, Culture and Leisure

I recently had a personal reading with Josephine. I walked away with more peace of mind than I have had since my Mothers Passing. Thank You Josephine.
Mary C


My daughter and I had a reading with you. It was a beautiful and peaceful experience. Our thanks to you.
Helen, Farmingdale, NY

I met you one month after my husband passed. I was in awe. You were great when I had my reading with you around April/May. Thank you so much. I am still devastated over his death. I need to reach my late husband again. I loved my reading and I keep listening to the tape to pull out some more. You mentioned that my husband is hand picking someone for me. At first I thought NO! My feelings are quickly changing.
Dee C


I attended last nights seminar in Smithtown, and all I can say is WOW!!! Josephine you hit a lot of things right on the head for me, especially about the kids and turmoil and court, ( I was the one who wanted the pit bull/ex-husband off my leg). You kept asking me about the name Deanna or Dee and I didn't take it, if it's not too late I would like to take it now. You have no idea (well maybe YOU do) on what you have touched on. I will explain later in detail, my lawyer (non believer) is going to cry when he hears this. Could the crown mean a victory in court? When I tell you, I don't think you are going to believe what you have accomplished. God Bless you.


I just wanted to tell you how you, without a doubt, turned my life around. I am so glad I have the tape of my reading because each time I hear it, I pick up on something else. I can't thank you enough, I am so grateful that God gave you this wonderful gift and you shared it with me and Nancy that night.
Love Always,
Kathy F


I heard you today on 94.3 when you told the woman an older male presence was coming through. You gave her many details and I felt a part of that message was for me. I saw you at Brennan's l l/2 years ago, and you brought my brother through for me. I want to thank you for this message I received then and today.
Margaret B

I had a wonderful reading with you Thursday, August 5th. I received much information from loved ones that evening that was very helpful. Thank you, Sincerely ,
Gerry W

I have experienced Josephine's readings before, she is truly wonderful. Would love to experience it again! Thanks,
Roseanne L

I called you on the radio 94.3 the other day. You told me your saw 7's all around me and I said that was my Mom's birthday, July. Then you said you saw the older woman around me, my Grandma. You said the older woman feels my Mom would be OK. Then you told me that you saw a younger man who died suddenly and that you heard a popping noise in your head. My ex-boyfriend died from a gun shot. I want to thank you, thank you, thank you for ALL of your help.
Tara K, Plainview, NY

I first began hearing about Josephine on the radio, Friday mornings driving to work on radio station 94.3FM. I was totally amazed at what I was hearing. Something inside me keep telling me to call for an anointment.. I kept procrastinating but I had a lot of questions and worries and finally got the courage to call. Well it was the best thing I had done for myself in a long time. You cannot imagine how wonderful and at peace I felt after my reading. Josephine was not only unbelievably accurate she was a considerate and caring person. My Mother was so happy to to hear thru Josephine that her brother[who died when he was 2years old] that he was happy and honored that she had named her son [my brother] after him. I want to thank you Josephine for sharing your gift with others, and especially me! God Bless You
Maria Peccia, Farmingdale,N.Y

This is Daryllyn...I just wanted to say I really enjoyed the class this past tuesday night, and I can't wait for the next session!
Just a little story for you....
I had to go for a breast MRI the morning after our class and just wanted to tell you that I was a nervous wreck, so I kept imagining that I was still in your class and hearing your voice tell us how to meditate and relax the entire time I was inside of the machine (and I was thinking of a happy place!) and I got through the entire MRI calmy eventhough they had to give me an intravenous dye!I didn't think I could get through it, when I saw...
The woman before me was a nervous wreck and crying, and the woman after me was ready to cancel and walk out... and I was so calm when I came out that they were both asking me for tips on how I got through it!
Everytime I imagined the closed in walls feeling...I said CancelCancel! to myself and I wouldn't let the negative images continue in my mind.... I just had to share that story with you....I prayed to my aunt and grandmother to get me through it without having an anxiety attack( I had one 5 yrs. ago and got claustrophobic and couldn't finish the test) the nurses told me I did fantasticly, relaxation wise!! Thank YOU! I thought you'd enjoy hearing this story!!LOL!
My friends are all free on wed. July 27 for a group reading if you still have that date available, you can let me know in the class on tuesday night! and we'll take it if you are.....OK enjoy the rest of your weekend, BYE FOR NOW! ~~~ Daryllyn
Oh..PS...a weird phenomenon....I was in NYC all weekend with my boyfriend we left right after the MRI....we were in a hotel with 6 elevators....we used them about 15 times.... each time I stood in the center of all of them I got a "feeling" like a vibration in my hands which of the 6 elevator doors would open up for us first, and then I would stand in front of them boyfriend was laughing at me..."what are you doing all the way over there, how do you know that that's the door that's going to open up first?"...I said I just have a weird feeling, let's see if I'm right.....14 out of 15 times...I chose the correct elevator that would get to our floor first...isn't that weird...this was all after meditating and relaxing my body and praying to my aunt and grandmother...I just felt very intuitive after that experience and my boyfriend was amazed that i almost got it right that weird or what?LOL!!



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